What Are The OXYHELP Products?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT, is the method of treatment which consists in placing the client in a pressurised chamber comprising pure oxygen at a greater than ambient pressure resulting in cosmetic treatment which is non-invasive and gives visible results after the first session. The wrinkles are reduced, blemishes removed, the skin becomes rejuvenated, enhanced and replenished.

THE BENEFITS OF Hyperbaric Chambers

  • Youthful and healthy appearance
  • Superficial scars are removed and stretch marks faded
  • Skin tone becomes firm, uniform and regains its brightness
  • Anti-aging effect
  • Increases energy and stamina
  • Reduces stress and sleeping problems / insomnia
  • Treats digestive disorders and headaches effectively
  • Pain reduction

Who Uses The OXYHELP Products?

Oxyhelp Products

Oxylife 1

(Control unit & capsule)

  • Easy transportation
  • 2-Way communication system
  • Good ventilation
  • Touch screen
  • Automatic controlled pressure system
  • Daily history recording

Oxylife C

(Mini-Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber)

  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Easy transportation
  • Possibility of wheelchair access
  • Seats 4