What is Lipofreeze

Lipofreeze provides a safe and non-invasive therapy using the latest cryolipolysis technology targeting areas of stubborn fat, reducing fat cells by up to 22% in a single session in targeted area.


  • Permanent removal of fat cells in targeted area
  • Fast and effective treatment
  • Non-invasive with no anaesthetic or down time post treatment
  • Removal of stubborn fat, effective for:
  • Abdominal fat, love handles and muffin-tops
  • Arms and back rolls
  • Hips, inner-legs and thighs
  • Under the chin

Lipofreeze Product

Lipofreeze starter kit

  • Lipofreeze Device – 2 x Treatment Systems in single device
  • 1 x Handle 220 – Large sized areas
  • 2 x Handle 160 – Medium sized areas
  • 2 x Handle 130 – Small sized areas
  • 1 x Handle 80 – Chin area