How does gradient compression work in RecoveryPump Boots?

Through compression, RecoveryPump Boots produce a pressure gradient which is greatest in the lower extremities stimulating the flow of blood from these areas towards the heart using the venous system. The RecoveryPump Boots have four chambers that run from the foot to just below the hip. The garments use a gradient compression, inflating sequentially from […]

Recovery Boots used during the Lions tour and are a “must have” to perfect recovery during the 2017 Autumn Internationals

Recovery Boots used during the Lions tour and are a “must have” to perfect recovery during the 2017 Autumn Internationals With the Autumn Internationals just around the corner, there is much anticipation leading into the competition, with teams doing everything they […]

How Do Recovery Boots Work?

Recovery Boots are a portable recovery product that provides sequential intermittent pneumatic compression therapy to rejuvenate and restore muscles post exercise. Recovery Boots consist of 4 individual chambers, which, begin to sequentially inflate from foot to thigh, provide a brief pause before a rapid air release.

No time for proper recovery? Think again..

No time for proper recovery? Think again.. Recovery after a workout or tough training session is now a necessity rather than a commodity these days. Athletes and trainers everywhere spend a lot of time sharing their innovative new recovery strategies of their “recovery” or “Rest” days with friends, team mates and even more.

Mid Season International Fixtures

There are tools out there for athletes to use in order to recover sufficiently even when they lack a great deal of time.

RecoveryPump Mini Half Boots

The RecoveryPump MINI provides the most portable alternative to active recovery, encouraging travel/transport usage for athletes with the busiest of schedules.

Top 5 Recovery Tools For Sport

These are great tools for recovery and can prove very useful throughout a season.

Recovery Techniques At The Olympics

Compression garments may be a valuable tool for athletes during the Olympic Games.

Compression Recovery Boots

Players have joined the recovery revolution by purchasing their own compression recovery boots, such as Joe Marler (England), Stuart Hogg (Scotland), Alun Wyn Jones (Wales), Liam Williams (Wales), Jack McGrath (Ireland), Robbie Henshaw (Ireland), Rory Best (Ireland), and Rob Kearney (Ireland), to help them with recovery.

Recovery… for the Ageing Athlete!

For the likes of Ryan Giggs (football), Nick Easter (rugby union) and Roger Federer (tennis) it has required an understanding of their body’s limitations.

Overuse Injuries Caused By Under-Recovery

We believe that recovery doesn’t end when players leave their training facility, and is more than just an adequate stretching protocol or basic massage.

How businesses can generate revenue through the RecoveryPump!

For both physiotherapy clinics and private practices, our business model offers two types of options.

Reducing Muscular Fatigue in Tournament Sport

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, the RecoveryPump should have an important role to play in your recovery protocol, just as sleep, hydration and nutrition do.

RecoveryPump at the Rugby World Cup 2015

For the likes of Wales, having to compete twice in a short 5-day period is enough to challenge even the most physically trained athletes.

Team Sky RecoveryPump Tour De France

They found it particularly useful to use between races as they could rely on a passive, aggressive recovery protocol, which would not deplete their energy stores further.