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Little recovery from 6 mile run #themarcpro @themarcpro

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Hoping this works lol #workflow #recovery #themarcpro #fitfam

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Feeling Sunday like…..

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RECOVER while Working! Watch my muscles twitch and recover! What are all of these wires on me?! It’s from the @themarcpro and it truly made my shoulder feel better after it was locking out! Read below why I choose this great device along with pro athlete everywhere! Use code THURMANFIT for $32 off on marcpro.com (or click link in my bio) – What Is The Marc Pro? It is a muscle conditional device that has been scientifically proven to help with soreness, muscle fatigue, and increase muscle performance. The Marc Pro is NOT a TENS unit. TENS units are inexpensive medical devices that attempt to mask pain symptoms by interfering with nerve signals. TENS units have no rehabilitative, recovery, or conditioning benefits. How the Marc Pro is different: The Marc Pro works differently by activating a cascading series of physiological effects through a specific type of muscle contraction that leads to enhanced recovery and conditioning. Marc Pro’s unique waveform and long pulse duration creates a non-fatiguing muscle contraction. Athletes know about the importance of active recovery—and this device is designed to help you actively recover better. Research shows that there are 4 key elements of recovery and Marc Pro provides all 4: Bringing in nourishment (oxygenated blood) to the muscles and cells The removal of waste (ie. Lactic acid) The production and release of myokines The remodeling of the repaired tissue Recent statistics from a Marc Pro survey indicate just how beneficial the product can be for muscle recovery, as 92.6% experienced better recovery with the Marc Pro device, and 85.7% would likely refer the device to others. Website: www.marcpro.com – #pt #recover #physicaltherapy #sfm #marcpro #joeythurmanfit #muscle #lacticacid #massage #fitness #stretch #chicagoblogger #fitnessblogger #blogger #malemodel #hardwork

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Recovery time! #marcpro

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Little rehab during the game. #armwrestling #arnoldclassic #nsng #keto #marcpro

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Little rehab during the game. #armwrestling #arnoldclassic #nsng #keto #marcpro

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First day back throwing… Marc Pro Plus.#marcproplus #marcpro #baseball #pitching

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