Why use B STRONG and not a competitor brand?

Although Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training has been around for many years B STRONG is one of the newest products of its kind and has been developed with the convenience of the user in mind.

The Difference between B STRONG and Competitors

Different blood flow restriction devices have been around since 1966 and have developed over time. Each device is slightly different and this article aims to outline to difference to help you pick the best one!

What is the effectiveness, efficiency and convenience of using B STRONG

With modern day life, people want to have an exercise method that is quick and beneficial. That’s why B STRONG is the ideal training tool for people on the go who want an effective, efficient and convenient method of exercise.

Who can benefit from Blood Flow Restriction Training?

Blood flow restriction training with B STRONG belts can produce many physiological benefits to a variety of populations.

Safety and Comfort of B STRONG

The B Strong training device has been developed with safety at the forefront. No occlusion (complete blockage of blood vessels) is used by the B STRONG Blood Flow Restriction training system. Instead blood flow patterns are modified which results in...

What are the benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training has been used extensively within sport and rehabilitation to produce profound results. The manipulation of the body’s circulatory system through body weight exercise or light loads can result in exceptional benefits.

What is Blood Flow Restriction training?

Blood flow restriction training (BFR), is an exercise technique that manipulates the body’s circulatory system. When Blood flow restriction training is combined with light resistance exercise, it quickly improves strength and fitness due to little muscle damage taking place.