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Why use B STRONG and not a competitor brand?

Although Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training has been around for many years B STRONG is one of the newest products of its kind and has been developed with the convenience of the user in mind.

What is the difference between Marc Pro and Competitors?

Electrical stimulation devices can aid recovery and benefit performance but each device has slight differences.

How do crossfitters benefit from using Marc Pro?

Help take your performance to the next level by enhancing your recovery with the Marc Pro or Marc Pro Plus device.

The ultimate travel companion for your RecoveryPump

RecoveryPump is the perfect travel companion and with our new bag releases you will now be even more prepared to take the perfect recovery tool on the go.

The Difference between B STRONG and Competitors

Different blood flow restriction devices have been around since 1966 and have developed over time. Each device is slightly different and this article aims to outline to difference to help you pick the best one!

What is the effectiveness, efficiency and convenience of using B STRONG

With modern day life, people want to have an exercise method that is quick and beneficial. That’s why B STRONG is the ideal training tool for people on the go who want an effective, efficient and convenient method of exercise.

Who can benefit from Blood Flow Restriction Training?

Blood flow restriction training with B STRONG belts can produce many physiological benefits to a variety of populations.

Why not rent a RecoveryPump and see how it can boost your recovery and performance?

Training for an event or struggling to recovery? Let us help you improve your recovery and increase your performance by renting a RecoveryPump. There are only 6-easy-to-follow steps to get you on your way to renting your first RecoveryPump.

Safety and Comfort of B STRONG

The B Strong training device has been developed with safety at the forefront. No occlusion (complete blockage of blood vessels) is used by the B STRONG Blood Flow Restriction training system. Instead blood flow patterns are modified which results in...

What are the benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training has been used extensively within sport and rehabilitation to produce profound results. The manipulation of the body’s circulatory system through body weight exercise or light loads can result in exceptional benefits.

What is Blood Flow Restriction training?

Blood flow restriction training (BFR), is an exercise technique that manipulates the body’s circulatory system. When Blood flow restriction training is combined with light resistance exercise, it quickly improves strength and fitness due to little muscle damage taking place.

Why is RecoveryPump the leader in pneumatic compression?

RecoveryPump are the pioneers in pneumatic compression to aid athlete recovery. RecoveryPump are the 1st to the market with a have a 3-chambered foot design, 1st to finish a cycle 2x faster than other guys, 1st to create precise pressure, 1st to have 8+ hours of battery life, 1st true gradient compression device, 1st to have a 3-chambered foot […]

How does gradient compression work in RecoveryPump Boots?

Through compression, RecoveryPump Boots produce a pressure gradient which is greatest in the lower extremities stimulating the flow of blood from these areas towards the heart using the venous system. The RecoveryPump Boots have four chambers that run from the foot to just below the hip. The garments use a gradient compression, inflating sequentially from […]

Recovery Boots used during the Lions tour and are a “must have” to perfect recovery during the 2017 Autumn Internationals

Recovery Boots used during the Lions tour and are a “must have” to perfect recovery during the 2017 Autumn Internationals With the Autumn Internationals just around the corner, there is much anticipation leading into the competition, with teams doing everything they […]

How Do Recovery Boots Work?

Recovery Boots are a portable recovery product that provides sequential intermittent pneumatic compression therapy to rejuvenate and restore muscles post exercise. Recovery Boots consist of 4 individual chambers, which, begin to sequentially inflate from foot to thigh, provide a brief pause before a rapid air release.

Marc Pro vs Marc Pro Plus

Marc Pro vs Marc Pro Plus Choosing to invest in recovery products is tough. This is largely due to the volume of products on the market. Each range of product generally will include various versions or models which present the...

No time for proper recovery? Think again..

No time for proper recovery? Think again.. Recovery after a workout or tough training session is now a necessity rather than a commodity these days. Athletes and trainers everywhere spend a lot of time sharing their innovative new recovery strategies of their “recovery” or “Rest” days with friends, team mates and even more.

Heat stress & exercise recovery

Heat stress & exercise recovery Sauna and steam room use has been around for many years, with saunas originally established in Finland and the latter established within the Roman Empire. Though the appearance and technique have changed little, their use...

Extreme Cold Stress – The CIVD Response?

Extreme Cold Stress – The CIVD Response? With the turn of the season comes dramatic decreases in temperature around the winter months of the year. This typically means most of the general population can crank up the heating and get...

What can the Marc Pro do for Cross Fit Athletes

What can the Marc Pro do for Cross Fit Athletes CrossFit is a highly regarded and one of the relatively newer exercise regimes or training types. CrossFit was established around 2000 and has achieved followers far and wide. The following...

Leicester City FC Using Cryotherapy

Leicester City FC Using Whole Body Cryotherapy To Recover From Extra Fixtures Leicester City captured the imagination of every football fan last season by doing the unthinkable and becoming the Premier league champions … and deservedly so! Although there are...

Mid Season International Fixtures

There are tools out there for athletes to use in order to recover sufficiently even when they lack a great deal of time.

Marc Pro vs Other EMS devices

Marc Pro vs Other EMS devices The Marc Pro is a device which utilizes unique technology through external stimulus to cause artificial / synthetic muscular contractions, with the intention of improving recovery and performance parameters with simplicity and versatility. The...

An Introduction To Marc Pro

An Introduction To Marc Pro Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) or neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is defined as the contraction of skeletal muscle, generated by external electrical impulses. The use of electricity – though not necessarily the kind that comes to...

Hydration and rehydration in sport

Hydration and rehydration in sport Hydration has often been a popular subject within the sport industry, with sports drinks often claiming their products are the next best thing, or “better than water” according to certain Lucozade sport ranges. However, few...

RecoveryPump Mini Half Boots

The RecoveryPump MINI provides the most portable alternative to active recovery, encouraging travel/transport usage for athletes with the busiest of schedules.

Whole Body Cryotherapy: (Cryo – Air Chambers)

Whole Body Cryotherapy Whole body cryotherapy has dramatically increased in popularity over the past year and has attracted a great deal of attention in the news more recently. The increase in popularity has largely come from elite sports teams aiming...

Top 5 Recovery Tools For Sport

These are great tools for recovery and can prove very useful throughout a season.

Exercising In Hot Environments

Exercising In Hot Environments Exercising in extreme environments often goes hand in hand when professional or elite athlete status is achieved. Performing in extreme environments such as high altitude, very hot and very cold environments present a tough challenge for...

Recovery Techniques At The Olympics

Compression garments may be a valuable tool for athletes during the Olympic Games.

The Impact of Pollution

The Impact of Pollution The impact of pollution on the planet has been well documented and a great deal of effort has and still is being made to better the current situation. However – although this should not overshadow the…

MultiScan – The Next Step Of Body Composition Analysis

MultiScan – The Next Step Of Body Composition Analysis As we draw closer to the start of the season for a number of sports, if you haven’t already, you will shortly be attending the dreaded pre-season training. Pre Season Body...

Best Chlorine Alternative

EndoSan The Best Chlorine Alternative Chlorine has been used for years as the main disinfection product used in pool water, but it carries potentially harmful by-products that are formed after disinfection that pose health & safety risks. EndoSan is a...

Compression Recovery Boots

Players have joined the recovery revolution by purchasing their own compression recovery boots, such as Joe Marler (England), Stuart Hogg (Scotland), Alun Wyn Jones (Wales), Liam Williams (Wales), Jack McGrath (Ireland), Robbie Henshaw (Ireland), Rory Best (Ireland), and Rob Kearney (Ireland), to help them with recovery.

Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber

Whole Body Cryotherapy chambers to improve performance and prevent injuries is now available for players and athletes Key Facts: Electric-powered Whole Body Cryotherapy chambers Athletes can recover quicker after exercise Improved mobility of injured athletes Promotes healing, well-being and quality...

Sports Recovery Equipment

Sports Recovery Equipment Don’t Let DOMS Dictate Your Schedule! What Does Research Suggest? Recovery Pump the latest in Sports Recovery Equipment! Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a familiar experience for professional and recreational athletes. Symptoms can range from muscle...

Recovery… for the Ageing Athlete!

For the likes of Ryan Giggs (football), Nick Easter (rugby union) and Roger Federer (tennis) it has required an understanding of their body’s limitations.

Overuse Injuries Caused By Under-Recovery

We believe that recovery doesn’t end when players leave their training facility, and is more than just an adequate stretching protocol or basic massage.

How businesses can generate revenue through the RecoveryPump!

For both physiotherapy clinics and private practices, our business model offers two types of options.

Reducing Muscular Fatigue in Tournament Sport

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, the RecoveryPump should have an important role to play in your recovery protocol, just as sleep, hydration and nutrition do.

RecoveryPump at the Rugby World Cup 2015

For the likes of Wales, having to compete twice in a short 5-day period is enough to challenge even the most physically trained athletes.

Team Sky RecoveryPump Tour De France

They found it particularly useful to use between races as they could rely on a passive, aggressive recovery protocol, which would not deplete their energy stores further.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015

Women’s Soccer is a Growing Sport, and Emphasis is being Placed on Recovery Methods Saturday June 6th marked the beginning of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 in Canada, where the hosts kickstarted their campaign by defeating China in a…

Football Medical Association Conference

UK Sports Products, the sports performance and rehab products specialist, is attending the well-established Football Medical Association Conference on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June 2015. Taking place at the Radisson Blu Hotel, East Midlands Airport, the conference will see…

Pre-season – Train Hard, Recover Harder

It is considered the most important phase of the season, regardless of sport type. For Rugby Union and Football League players, they are soon approaching a very long pre-season and this is the period where developing base fitness levels and…

Infection control solution

Key benefits: Chlorine-free and environmentally-friendly disinfectant Removes and prevents re-occurrance of biofilm in a safe and non-toxic way Ideal for use at training grounds, stadiums and medical departments Colourless, odourless and tasteless UK Sports Products, the sports performance and rehab…

John Terry and Chelsea are serious about recovery

One man in particular has received an abundance of praise as Chelsea deservedly claimed this year’s Premier League title, and it’s not Eden Hazard. Jose Mourinho’s captain takes after his manager in being unloved outside of his own club, but…

Stay cool with the Arctic Heat Cooling Vest!

On the road to Rio 2016, strategies in both training and competition will be mapped out, with primary focus being placed on acclimatisation. With a predicted temperature of up to 30°C and a humidity level of 60%, it is not…

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Garments

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Garments Post-Exercise: The Mechanisms and Research Explained Do intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) garments work? A question that’s continually asked in sport science. Extraordinarily, new studies have revealed possible explanations for the advantages of IPC as opposed to…

Dermot O’Leary revived legs with Ice Bath!

Dancing non-stop for 24 hours can be tough on the body, especially the legs, and there are many risks from muscle strain, blisters, impact injuries and dehydration. Dermot O’Leary undertook a challenge for Comic Relief, dancing for 24-hours non-stop. He…

high-performance, price that needs to be paid?

Modern international cricketers are high-performance, low endurance athletes. Agility, speed and physical skills are all at their peak amongst their repertoire, so why are we seeing continuous injuries occur? Hamstring injuries, soft-tissue injuries, back spasms, serious cramps all appear to…

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression – What can be inferred from contemporary research for its place in sport? Competitive athletes strive to perfect the balance of performance and recovery. The intensity of modern sport is unparalleled, as advances in sport science have…

Cold therapy can accelerate recovery

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are one of the most common in modern sport, due to the physicality’s of the game, and at one time was a career ending injury. However, continuous-flow cold therapy has been found to be effective…

Recovery Pump Sevens World Series

Round five of the HSBC Sevens World Series recently took place in Las Vegas, with Fiji beating New Zealand 35-19 in the final. Fijian players took full advantage of the recovery lounge; an area backstage where teams and players had…

UK Sports Products launches new website

UK Sports Products have launched their brand new website, offering the same high quality products, but now with a high quality, user-friendly site to match. offers an improved and simplified navigation, allowing visitors to access detailed product information with…

Optimum recovery over Christmas

At a time when football has never been so physically demanding on the body, it is understandable why a number of professional footballers and managers are unhappy with the current Christmas fixtures list. Southampton FC for example, are a team…

Round five of the HSBC Sevens

Round five of the HSBC Sevens World Series recently took place in Las Vegas, with Fiji beating New Zealand 35-19 in the final. More than 75,000 fans attended the Sam Boyd Stadium and were treated to outstanding action both on…

Revolutionary new recovery product

Key benefits: Helps athletes increase training volume Helps improve performance Reduces risk of injury Aids rehabilitation UK Sports Products, the sports performance and rehab products specialist, has launched the RecoveryPump, a radical new recovery product to help athletes recover more…

Recovery post Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery

Cold Compression for ACL recovery ACL injuries are one of the most common injuries within competitive sport. With the rapid change of direction and acceleration, a lot of strain and pressure is put through the knee joint and associated muscles…