Why use B STRONG and not a competitor brand?

The B STRONG Blood Flow Restriction training device has been developed specifically with the user’s comfort and safety at the forefront. Users can rest assured that B STRONG will produce effective and profound results.

When purchasing the B STRONG training device not only do customers receive the belts and pump but users also get access to the App which provides detailed information on how to use the device. Not only that but the App provides detailed videos of how to use the device giving users step by step instructions and visuals of how to use the product. As the App has been so well-developed users do not require certification before purchasing the product unlike our competitors which require users to undergo months of training which can come at quite a financial cost.

The B STRONG blood flow restriction training device has a simple to use interface so that users pump the belt to the required pressure and can quickly start their workout. Users can disconnect the device from the pump ensuring a seamless workout as no wires get in the way. Unlike our competitors, B STRONG users can perform any exercises without the wires or pump getting in the way or creating an obstacle. When users require deflation of the belts just plug the wires back in and there will be a quick release! B STRONG have developed belts that provide optimum results and comfort for users. Belts can easily be applied to skin and do not require anything between the skin and belts unlike our competitors.


The B STRONG device fits into a compact case that is easy to travel with and fits comfortably into luggage. In comparison to our competitors whose devices have large interfaces and long wires B STRONG belts fit neatly into a sturdy case. Not only this but the B STRONG consists of the belts and pump which means it is unlikely to break and can withstand wear and tear unlike our competitors which have belts, long wires and big and heavy interfaces with screens that are at risk of breaking.

B STRONG is the best device on the market for value for money. A professional B STRONG package can be purchase for less than £900, whereas our competitors most basic packages sell for over £2000. Visit our online shop to purchase yours today.

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