What is the effectiveness, efficiency and convenience of using B STRONG

Not only has B STRONG been developed to provide comfort and safety for the user but it is also a Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training device that produces results. B STRONG ensures training is effective, efficient and convenient for users.


The B STRONG blood flow restriction training device has been highly effective in aiding individuals to achieve training progressions. Not only has B STRONG helped elite athletes such as Olympians to come back from injury and compete but it has also helped stroke patients to regain their ability to function at near normal levels and lead an independent. B STRONG has helped enable the elderly to continue to perform physical activity and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.


Using B STRONG for just 2-3 sessions per week and using 20-30% of an individuals 1 rep max can help develop muscle hypertrophy and strength gains. Muscle size can increase as training with the B STRONG device can increase muscle fibre size. Furthermore, B STRONG users can also perform body weight exercises to develop strength and muscle capabilities. Blood flow restriction training using the B STRONG device is a safe and effective way to train using light intensities.


The B STRONG blood flow restriction training device comes in a small, ridged case that can be easily put into a gym bag or suitcase so that training can be done on the move. The B STRONG is a small piece of equipment meaning that people can do workouts at the gym, in the park or in a hotel room using minimal space. Training sessions can be quick and easy with a completion time of only 20 minutes so for people on the go this is the perfect solution. Moreover, B STRONG can be used alone, with a PT or in a class setting so users can train in different settings and never get bored!

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