What is the difference between Marc Pro and Competitors?

Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus uses a patented dynamic decaying waveform which works by grabbing and gently releasing the muscle. Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus allow the user to select intensities based on their own preference and uses a scale of 0-9. In comparison, Compex has preprogrammed settings for warm-up, conditioning, active recovery, recovery and massage. Marc Pro has one comfortable, easy-to-use setting which requires no separate programmes.

Competitors often uses technology to try and re-educate and fatigue muscle which is not beneficial to recovery. Other technology uses square waveforms that include a short pulse duration leading to muscle contraction that is similar to Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus. However, after 15-20 minutes the muscles will fatigue and recovery benefits won’t occur. Marc Pro on the hand use a dynamic decaying waveform which uses a comfortable signal that contracts muscle then slowly releases them over time. Muscle fibres fully relax and fluids are moved in and out of the area without fatigue occurring. The pulse duration is much longer than any other device on the market enabling the signal in the muscle to last for longer. This leads to a different level of recruitment and the contraction of fibres which are normally difficult to reach. Optimal recruitment takes place allowing for recovery and conditioning goals.


Electrical muscle stimulation products are quite complicated making it difficult to decide on which programme to use, decipher positive and negative wires and which set of specialized pads should be used. Harsh signals and high voltages are utilized which makes the programmes uncomfortable meaning people don’t use them consistently. Marc Pro is extremely easy and comfortable to use with no difficult setup, complicated programming or harsh signals. Only one size electrode is used and one setting is required to accomplish an athlete’s goals making it a highly favoured product.

Cheap pain-masking stimulators are sold for variable prices and only mask pain signals while attached to your body. Most people do not feel sustained and long-lasting pain relief as these products don’t indicate that they provide any conditioning or recovery benefits. Other devices that have been indicated to improve muscle conditioning and recovery are limited by their own root technology.

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