What are the benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training has been around for many years but with busy lifestyles that are now commonly led (B)STRONG is the ideal training device to help people achieve the health benefits from exercise.

Improved Strength and Hypertrophy

Research has shown rapid gains in both muscle strength and hypertrophy and that these gains are not only isolated to muscles that have their blood flow restricted. Any muscle used in the exercises, benefit from the systemic neuro-immuno-hormonal response from the brain which is caused by a disruption in homeostasis.

Save Time

One of the best benefits BFR users enjoy is saving time. Athletes can use the B STRONG for a full workout yet achieve very similar results as they would if they completed traditional strength training. While some traditional training programs are more efficient than others, in general, a BFR training session takes considerably less time than an equivalent high-resistance training session. A BFR session can also be completed anywhere, at home, at work or on the road.

Improved Recovery / Reduce Wear and Tear on Muscles, Joints, and the Body

Research is starting to show what has long been believed: light resistance exercise does little damage to the working muscles and that recovery periods following a BFR session are shorter than after traditional resistance training. As a result, athletes may be able to back up sessions and even complete multiple BFR training sessions per day.

Who Can Benefit from BFR Training?

If you are a coach, trainer, therapist, or regular individual, and are looking to be more efficient with your time without sacrificing results, BFR training is for you.

  • Adult fitness: Get stronger and achieve the benefits of exercise while placing less stress on the body. Complete the workouts in the comfort of your own home or on the road.
  • Working professionals: Save time without sacrificing results by getting the similar training benefits in 20 minutes. B STRONG is the perfect tool for travelling and working out on the go.
  • Injured persons: B STRONG BFR is a great way to stay fit while an injury is healing. Reduce muscle atrophy and loss of fitness typically associated with a recovery period.
  • Competitive athletes: Shorten recovery periods, avoid overuse injuries, and maximize the benefits of existing training programs. Provide variety to training by incorporating B STRONG. If an athlete plateaus with their standard training, B STRONG BFR is a great way to move on to the next level.
  • Adolescents and youth: Mitigate training related injuries from weightlifting while the body is developing and while proper technique is learned.

Why use B STRONG?

  • Cost- B STRONG is great value for money and one of the best BFR training devices on the market
  • Effective- B STRONG has shown great results in strength and hypertrophy
  • Practical- B STRONG can be packed up into a smart case and transported with you as you travel
  • Safety- B STRONG is one of the safest devices on the market with clear and precise safety advice

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