The ultimate travel companion for your RecoveryPump

RecoveryPump has become a popular recovery tool for athletes of all abilities. Although RecoveryPump has always had a travel bag available we have listened to our customers’ feedback and requirements leading to the development of 3 brand new travel bags.


The rucksack is designed for ease of use and is a great way to transport RecoveryPump products with back support provided. There is no need to unpack the unit from the bag as you can utilize the pump from the front pocket.

Travel Case

The travel case can be used as a stand-alone bag or stacked with multiple bags and is perfect for when travelling through airports as there is the option for a dolly to be placed through the bag. In addition, back straps allow for the travel case to be used as a back pack.

Duffel Bag

Designed to be spacious to allow the largest RecoveryPump garments to fit in comfortably or even fit more than one set of garments inside the bag or pack other travel items into the duffel bag.

Team Travel Bag

This bag is well suited for teams with multiple units and garments who are regularly travelling due to the protective hard-shelled Case. A trolley comes inclusive with the team travel bag and the duffle bag can be connected using the secure clasps.

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