Safety and Comfort of B STRONG

The B Strong training device has been developed with safety at the forefront. No occlusion (complete blockage of blood vessels) is used by the B STRONG Blood Flow Restriction training system. Instead blood flow patterns are modified which results in a disturbance of homeostasis, principally by altering venous outflow from an extremity. B STRONG modifies the pattern of blood flow; impeding and slowing down blood flow, but never occluding it. As long as the safety rules, cautions, B STRONG equipment and guidance app are used and followed, the risks are significantly reduced but as with any form of exercise, there are still risks. If the 5 safety rules are followed, B STRONG users should be confident in the knowledge that blood flow restriction is a safe training tool to use. B STRONG can be used by injured and non- injured athletes, any age, any ability and both males and females.

5 Safety rules:

  1. Always place bands in the correct locations
  2. Never occlude arterial inflow
  3. Never lift heavy weight
  4. Never exceed 20 minutes of inflation
  5. Always use the B STRONG guidance app

To ensure paramount safety athletes with the following issue should be mindful when using B STRONG:

  • Post-surgery individuals should consult their surgeon or Doctor before starting or resuming B STRONG Blood Flow Restriction Training
  • Do not put B STRONG Belts directly on healing incisions or wounds
  • Pregnant women should consult their obstetrician before using B STRONG
  • If a person has a condition that has produced lymphedema, he/she should consult their Doctor before proceeding
  • If a person has iatrogenic vascular access on an extremity, he/she should consult their Doctor
  • If a person has untreated deep venous thrombosis, he/she should not do Blood Flow Restriction training until they are treated
  • If a person is in hypertensive crisis or has untreated hypertension, he/she should consult their Doctor

B STRONG belts have been developed to achieve both athlete safety and comfort. The width of the belts have been developed to provide comfort for users for long periods of time and are likely to be much more comfortable than surgical tubing or blood pressure cuffs. The patented B STRONG Blood Flow Restriction Belts are specifically designed to provide a safe, comfortable and effective B STRONG experience. To ensure optimum comfort, users should follow the below sizing guide.

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