How do crossfitters benefit from using Marc Pro?

Elite athletes have been using Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus to enhance recovery, promote conditioning, improve performance and relieve pain. Cross fit athletes can utilize Marc Pro in numerous ways to help aid recovery and improve performance.

Marc Pro can relieve general aches and pains that come with regular training by employing a proprietary dynamic decaying waveform. This leads to the contraction of muscles followed by their slow release over time providing cross-fitters with active recovery without performing whole body exercises. Muscle fibres reach complete relaxation causing the movement of fluids in and out of the muscle without causing fatigue. Settings are adjustable allowing athletes to use intensities based on their preferences and for 15, 30, 45 and 60-minute time periods.

The Marc Pro and Marc Pro plus helps cross fit athletes to fully recover enabling the completion of daily training sessions and even multiple sessions a day. Symptoms of fatigue are reduced through improved circulation aiding substrate delivery and waste removal. Cross fit athletes can incorporate Marc Pro and Marc Pro plus in their training regime as part of their recovery. Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus can generate a massage action as they pump and activate muscles benefitting athletes in their recovery from training and competition. Athletes can enhance their training adaptations by improving recovery and circulation by reaching the anabolic stage of recovery quicker and more effectively than if Marc Pro or Marc Pro Plus was not used. This leads to optimal performance and reduced fatigue.

Just as the unique waveform and long pulse duration give our low frequency an advantage over traditional stimulators these parameters also help our high frequency signal to be more effective. The less harsh signal is extremely comfortable and the long pulse duration gives the energy more time within the tissue to shut down pain. The result is much more significant and lasting pain relief. The goal is not to mask pain, but to achieve lasting and cumulative relief after sessions.

Cross fit athletes can benefit from Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus as the muscles are well conditioned helping athletes do more and work for longer through increased capacity for nourishment delivery. In addition, cross- fitters can reduce their risk of injury by dissipating the negative effects of DOMS and allowing them to retain their typical movement patterns and biomechanics. Marc Pro devices can be applied almost anywhere on the body ensuring all niggles are treated and comfort is maintained.

Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus can be used as part of a warm up before cross fit training sessions and competitions. The potentiation action warms up muscles without discomfort or fatigue to enable peak performance. Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus are portable which means athletes can easily transport their device.

For all these reasons above, cross- fitters can promote recovery and enhance performance through the use of Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus.

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