Why is RecoveryPump the leader in pneumatic compression?

To increase your performance and recovery after training, it is essential to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Pneumatic compression is the perfect tool that has been scientifically proven to increase your body’s circulation which aids to hasten recovery. With multiple pneumatic compression companies out there, how do you know which is the best choice?
Not all compression products are equal in efficacy, speed, portability & quality. If you want to make it to the top, then you need to train with RecoveryPump. We set industry standards with bringing 1st’s to the market.

Gradient Compression

RecoveryPump is the 1st therapy device on the market that uses sequential gradient compression causing a high to low pressure gradient stimulating the flow of blood back towards the heart. Recovery pump is pressure controlled so regardless of size or shape of limb the next chamber will not fill until the current chamber has reached the target pressure providing a gradient of high to low pressure from distal to proximal. Gradient compression has been proven to be the most efficient type of pneumatic compression which has been harnessed and delivered through 40 years of experience in the medical market. Why is gradient compression important? See the link to our article

Battery Life

RecoveryPump is the 1st device on the market that has a battery life exceeding 8 hours meaning the RecoveryPump doesn’t need to be attached to mains supply. The RecoveryPump can be charged while in use. See link to other RecoveryPump FAQs

Cycle time

RecoveryPump is the 1st on the market to have a 45-60s cycle time which is 2x faster than our competitors. RecoveryPump is the 1st on the market to be able to complete 20 cycles in just 20 minutes. A key aspect of our cycle is a quick complete release of pressure, if you liken the lymphatic system to a sponge the quick and total release of pressure maximises flow of fluid taken up by lymphatic system, see link to e-book for more information and videos: RecoveryPump EBook 2.0

Precise Pressure

RecoveryPump is the 1st gradient compression product that allows users to set the pressure anywhere between 20-100mmHg rather than using a level, enabling athletes to set an exact pressure depending on time of use and application. RecoveryPump is the only device on the market to have an adaptive pause; the cycle does not start again until pressure has gone down to 5mmHg.

RecoveryPump Garments are the 1st to:

Include an extensive list of available garments used.
Develop Mini Boots which are ideal for travelling and using on the move.
Offer peck and back compression through the Recovery Half Jacket.
Provide full lower body compression with the Recovery Pants offering 360° core coverage and the entirety of the leg.
Develop an 8-chambered garment from a 4 chamber device.
Offer superior garment design, maximum comfort and versatile garment selection.

Travel friendly

RecoveryPump is the 1st on the market to offer flexible hosing and garments that easily deflate. RecoveryPump have developed the lightest units on the market weighing only 1-2kg providing the ultimate travel friendly device.

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